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Myrtos Beach

Multi awarded and renown, it stands at the top of the list of the best Greek beaches and ranks among the best worldwide, for more than ten consecutive years.

Deep turquoise blue waters embraced by white sand leading to dazzling white pebbles, in a long, long strip of dramatic beauty. A beach once experienced, never forgotten. Framed by tall, steep cliffs, will seduce your vision to the endless horizon. This is Myrtos!

Lying between the feet of two mountains and approached by a winding road, Myrtos offers enchanting views from the very first sight.

Melissani Lake

Surrounded by dense forestry, slope down to another miracle of nature in Kefalonia’s subterranean world and let your footsteps guide you to the cave of the nymphs. Beautiful waters with changing shades of blue as the sun sets, honey-like brown walls and countless stalactites will take your breath away and travel you to another, mythical and magical world.

In the 1962 excavations, quite a few oil lamps, plates and figures were discovered depicturing the god Pan and several nymphs. Legend has it that the Cave of Melissani was the very spot where one of those Nymphs, Melissanthi (or Melissani), drowned after being rejected by the god Pan.

Assos Village

Just north of the stunning Myrtos beach lays the tiny and secluded village of Assos, which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the island. Built amphitheatrically around the homonymous peninsula, it is surrounded by luscious green scenery and verdant forests. Pine and cypress trees and the crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, create a unique combination and make Assos an ideal setting for relaxing vacations.

The village seems to be ‘lost in time’ and gives off an almost mystical atmosphere. The basic original traditional Ionian architecture is retained, while the modern feel is gentle and slight, enough though to pleasantly surprise all visitors.


Fiscardo is a former fishing village in north Kefalonia that has transformed into a high status cosmopolitan resort, without losing its quintessence. Fiscardo was left virtually unscathed by the 1953 earthquake in Kefalonia and still carries the traditional colour, the grace and the beauty of the island. A stroll around the narrow alleys among the colourful houses will make you feel like a time traveler, rolling back a century.

The traditional port promenade is brimming with fine restaurants and taverns to satisfy everyone’s palate, cafes and souvenir shops, housed in renovated pre-earthquake Venetian style mansions. Alongside the port, one can see high-class, luxury sailing boats and yachts mooring next to traditional fishing boats.

Antisamos Beach

Awarded with the blue flag, it is located a few kilometers away from the port of Sami. The landscape combines all shades of blue and green, where the vegetation grows almost into the sea. It is a well organized, easy accessible beach with white pebbles and crystal blue waters, surrounded by lush greenery. This beach got really famous as a filming location in “Captain Correli’s Mandolin”.

Agia Efimia Village

Agia Efimia is part of the municipality of Pylaros which takes its natural borders from mountains to the north and south and from the sea from West to East. Situated 7 km north of Sami on the east coast of Kefalonia and 30 kms from Argostoli, it is a picturesque fishing village with a well sheltered harbor.

The village exudes an atmosphere of traditional Greek hospitality where visitors are welcomed back as friends. The local harbour is lined with restaurants, tavernas and bars which reflect an uncommercialised Greek ambience rather than tourist-inspired catering.

Fteri Beach

When you imagine heaven, what do you see? Fteri beach is heaven! Turquoise waters, amazing dramatic coastline, unique scenery, all combined create a magical environment that you should not miss.

It is one of the most beautiful and hidden beaches of Kefalonia, near Lixouri city and you can get there only by boat. Arriving at Zola Village you will embark to the small boat that will transfer you to Fteri Beach. Equip yourself with umbrella & bottles of water because the beach is completely devoid of services.

Argostoli City

The capital of Kefalonia stands on the far end of the natural bay surrounded by mountains and verdant forests. The town was rebuilt after the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. It is a picturesque town built on hills surrounding the lagoon of Koutavos and the natural harbor formed there.

The modern and cosmopolitan town of Argostoli is quite busy during the summer season offering a plethora of interesting features and activities. The central square of the town called Plateia Valianou (Vallianos Square) is a large and pleasant square lined by many restaurants, cafes and bars.

Makris Gialos Beach

Makris Gialos is the most famous organised beach in Kefalonia, with plenty of facilities. The beach is located in Argostoli-Airport road, 2 km outside of the capital centre, in the Lassi area. It is the beach that every traveler who likes organised beaches should visit during his holidays in Kefalonia.

Easily accessible, it is suitable for those who want to combine entertainment, relaxation and recreation, since there are beach bars, abundant deckchairs and umbrellas, a volley ball court, a specially designed area for beach tennis as well as facilities and equipment for water sports. Although frequented, Makris Gialos still remains a dreamy beach. The green of the forest meets the blue waters combined with the golden spectacular sand, stealing all the impressions.

Drogarati Cave

An extraordinary natural wonder in Kefalonia. An underground marvel lays below your feet in Sami. It’s Drogarati Cave, a natural work of art more than 150 million years old, featuring colorful stalactites hanging from the roof like curtains and vitreous stalagmites forming spacey chambers.

Drogarati Cave, located  close to Sami, was discovered 300 years ago, when a strong earthquake destroyed a part of it and thus, the entrance was created. The depth of the cave reaches 60 meters below the ground level, the temperature is 18 C and the humidity is 90%.

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Kefalonia Georoutes

The island of Kefalonia is known for its richness in archaeological and cultural history and biodiversity (leading to the proclamation of Mount Aenos as a Natural Park), as well as for its geological diversity, compared to an active geological laboratory, located in the most tectonically active location of Europe.

Kefalonia is a paradise for trekking lovers. The Management Body of Aenos National Park has created a detailed catalogue with plenty of information.  Choose the routes that suits you to get to know Kefalonia in depth and email us if you need a car transfer to start your trip.

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